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Rooms and reservations

  • Pull open or move reservations in the reservation board
  • Respond to booking and price inquiries within seconds
  • All important data at a glance - fast access to all relevant details such as guest profiles, invoices and specific guest requests
  • Assign rate changes in the rate-by-day grid before a guest’s stay
  • Print or immediately send out booking confirmation email

Guest and customer profiles

Belegungsplan DELUXE mit aktiviertem Menu
  • Create various profile types for private guests, companies etc.
  • Manage various addresses (e.g. private, business address) and contact data (e.g. cell phone, Skype) for each profile
  • Save additional information such as birth date, licence plate, ID number or keywords
  • View reservation and invoice history of past stays in each guest profile
  • Export customer data with various filters to create mail merge (Business Edition only)

Room rates / Packages

  • Define time periods for certain weekdays, e.g. weekend rates
  • Define availability for certain time periods, e.g. season rates
  • Define availability for a minimum length of stay
  • Define discounts for certain age groups, e.g. children pricing
  • Define packages and the included charges

Invoices and check out

  • Automatic posting of all charges upon end of day process
  • Split guest charges to as many invoice windows as you want
  • Rebook, split or cancel charges
  • Merge charges to create a package
  • Create PDFs of information, interim and final invoices
  • Assign your own range of invoice numbers

Lists and reports

  • View reservations, arrivals, departures, in-house guests, invoices, cancellations, housekeeping in “Active lists” and directly access detailed information with a single mouse click
  • Print revenue, cash and payment reports
  • Analyse statistics of nationalities (Business Edition only)
  • Analyse reservations per distribution channel, reservation type und travel motive (Business Edition only)

System data

  • Access all settings via the system data area
  • Create your own text templates for instance your booking confirmations or invoices (Business Edition only)
  • Create various user names and conveniently manage user rights (Business Edition only)
  • Download offline lists in case you’re disconnected from the Internet

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