Reservation Board versus Reservation Book

What hotel software can do for you.

What do I need hotel software for?
A legitimate question - But we've got a convincing answer!

If everything works just fine using a reservation book and a pencil, what more do you need? Ok, a post-it here and there. And the piece of paper in the drawer with the telephone numbers of the guests from last year. And where is the handwritten note that contains the information about which room Mr. Schmidt from Hamburg like the most…. ?

Why do you need hotel software? It’s simple – because you’re tired of constant sorting and searching for papers and reorganizing and seeking again. Imagine being completely organized in a blink of an eye and finding everything in one central place.

To put it briefly: In the long run, keeping an overview will only be possible with electronic support.

Every software electronically mirrors workflows from every day life on your computer. This is why the heart of every hotel software is the “electronic reservation board”. This reservation board is the most important work tool of every hotelier, just like the reservation book used to be. And the best thing about the reservation board is that it can do so much more…

Let’s have a look at some specific advantages of the bookatonce reservation board for you:

  • Get an overview of all your reservations
    • quick overview: Which guest is in which room for how long?
    • quick search for any room and any date even in the future
  • Enter a reservation quickly and easily
    • "draw out" reservations just like with a pen
  • Enter several reservations simultaneously
    • book several rooms for a group of visitors for instance
    • all rooms related to this group will be displayed
  • Edit a reservation quickly and easily
    • extend or shorten a stay, move a reservation to a different room or cancel the reservation just by a click of your mouse
  • Configure the reservation board or the reservations according to your individual needs
    • Design your reservation board in the colours you prefer or highlight reservations with a certain status
  • Access all important information directly
    • when clicking on a reservation in your reservation board an action menu will take you to all information concerning this reservation and the guest(s).

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*1: Mindestens 35,- EUR/Monat
*2: Nur mit der Business Edition