The Action Menu Allows for Short Ways

All functions you need are just a mouse-click away!

The Action menu - always at your fingertips!

The Action menu will be your constant companion as you work with bookatonce.

It automatically pops up when you click a reservation or a list entry and keep the mouse button pressed down for around two seconds. Wherever you are, it gives you the perfect range of editing options for any element you select. Functions like Check In, Check Out, Billing and Open Customer Profiles are always just a mouse-click away.

The idea for this exceptional user guidance was adopted by us from computer games.

Now commands like these are not really going to help you in the hotel industry. But the idea of providing all necessary functions not in a top-level command toolbar or a long-winded context menu, but clearly presented where they are needed and displayed by just pushing a button, really excited us. That is how the Action menu was born.

Watch also our Action menu video clip on Youtube!

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